3D InFusion Portland Oregon

Vijay Deodhar

Despite various technological breakthroughs such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), BIM (Building Information Modeling), 3D simulation and visualization technologies, 3D printing, cloud based collaboration and use of mobile platforms, the built environment still to date is designed, constructed and managed with very little change to increase design options, reduce costs, bring about safety in construction and its operations while missing the opportunity of accomplishing 3BL (triple bottom line).

Unlike most other industries in today’s world who have successfully adapted to and embraced new and changing technologies to improve internal processes and production, the industry that designs, builds and manages built environment has significantly lagged behind the curve.

In response to this realization, Vijay Deodhar, an artist, a humanist and a technologist with a strong background in architecture, engineering and construction decided to launch a firm that would change the status quo. Since founding 3D InFusion in 2002, the firm has successfully completed hundreds of public and private projects, worked closely with numerous prominent A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms and facility owners, earned notable awards and recognitions and has remained firmly committed to its core values.